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Feel free to use these online generators as often as you like. You can also download and use them on your own computer (Linux and Windows only - I don't have a Mac, sorry).

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Pathfinder™ Character Sheet

These character sheets are not endorsed or licensed by Paizo Publishing, LLC.
"Pathfinder™" is a trademark of Paizo Publishing, LLC.
For more information about the Pathfinder™ Roleplaying Game, please visit Externes Linkhttp://paizo.com/pathfinderrpg.

Since the Externes LinkPathfinder™ character sheets available from Externes LinkPaizo as PDF are not editable with Adobe Acrobat Reader, I created some by myself to use with Externes LinkOpenOffice writer (I really recommend OpenOffice to everybody, it's a real good office suite, it's cross-platform and, best of all, it's completely free. This means you can even install it beside Microsoft Office without problems or any additional costs).

If you want to see an example, have a look at one of my former Pathfinder™ characters, Hornswell Hike

Since I don't like Excel type sheets, I didn't use oocalc but oowriter. This has a small disadvantage: I can't calculate everything as I could do in oocalc, but I like oowriter's ability to control the layout more (I'm not the expert for OOo, maybe some OOo guru could do the same with oocalc, I don't know). Nevertheless, some values are calculated automatically (more about that later).

If you are in a rush, simply download the Pathfinder™ character sheet for OpenOffice Writer (you may have to use right click and "save as...", since your browser may recognize this file as a ZIP file and could try to open it with an archive browser - which would kind of correct btw., because OOo files actually are nothing else than zipped XML files).

If you want to fill out the sheet completely by hand (without any automatic calculations) or as a base for your own custom character sheets, you should download this one instead.

Truetype Fonts Used

Since I used some non-standard fonts, you will need to get these as well. First of all, you will need the truetype font call "Alois". I got this font in a very cheap font collection about 13 years ago, and it looks like the company which sold it (UK company "GST", it was bundled with a program called "Designworks" for Windows) went out of business (and the foundry "URW" which created it, doesn't even list it on their own webpage!), that's why I think it might be OK to make it available here. I think this font matches the one used by Paizo the most:

Remark: If you are the copyright holder of this font, please inform me and I'll delete the font immediately from this website!

The other two fonts are open source truetype fonts, available at sourceforge resp. at gnome.org: Externes LinkDejaVu and Externes LinkBitstream Vera. That's all you will need (see your systems documentation how to add new truetype fonts to your system. Normally it's just something like "copy the fonts to directory xyz").


Back to the character sheets themselves, there are some small specials and glitches (which may cause troubles):

I think that's pretty much it. Have fun!